Salem Marine Society

250th Annual Dinner

            Following the Business Meeting the members repaired to Peabody Essex Museum’s East India Marine Hall to be joined by more members and guests. Champagne and Hors d’oeuvres were passed , however in the best traditions of The Society most members chose to sample the full bar stocked with premium liquors.

            At 1900 the 93 members and their 115 guests were invited to sit down for dinner in the Atrium. Robert Shapiro, Chairman of the PEM Board of Trustees, welcomed the Salem Marine Society to PEM. He noted the long time partnership between the two societies and the...shared passions for all things maritime, for traditions (you can note Peabody Punch) and history… . He closed with our motto:

      “Where Virtue Reigns, The Unfortunate Find Relief”

            Peabody Punch was served to all.

            A first course of salad and consommé were served. As a creative nod to now banned Turtle Soup (which was served at previous Gala Annual Dinners) croutes shaped as turtles floated in the consommé.

            Master Joanie Ingraham (#897) introduced the Honored Guests and requested a Moment of Silence for those members who passed over the bar in the past year:

                        Allen K. Needham, Jr.  (#785)

                        Thomas H. Pineault  (#787)

                        Richard T. Shannon (#1001)

                        Thomas Lennox (#856)

                        Donald H. Bates (#786)

            Members and guests then settled in for a hearty feast of Filet Mignon, Caramelized Shallot and Gouda Soft Polenta with Grilled Asparagus and Horseradish Butter. Vegetarians dined on Roasted Acorn Squash with Wild Rice, Caramelized Leeks, Dried Cranberries and Steamed Green Beans with Almond Oil Drizzle.

            Spiced Apple Cake with Grand Marnier Cinnamon Syrup and Vanilla Crème Anglaise was served as dessert. Coffee and Tea were served and Peabody Punch was replenished for Toasts.

            The Master reflected on the 18 original members of the Salem Marine Society and their continuing purposes of …relief to the families of members, improvement of navigational aids, and education of young seafarers.    She proposed a Toast with Peabody Punch:

 To the founders of the Salem Marine Society and to the members who have nurtured our existence over 250 years, so that we may look to our future of a continued role in the maritime world here in Salem and beyond.


            She then introduced Dan Munroe, CEO of the Peabody Essex Museum, whose roots sprang from our sister society, the East India Marine Society. Mr.  Munroe commented on our charitable activities to PEM and other organizations, our partnering with the East India Marine Society on many occasions, and our shared traditions and values. He then offered a slight revision of a toast made at an East India Marine Society dinner in 1804:

 The Salem Marine Society and the East India Marine Society---may resources from the ambition of their members continue to accomplish their designs.


            Dan Finamore (#906), PEM Curator of Maritime Art and History , thanked the Salem Marine Society for inviting the Maritime Art and History Visiting Committee  of the PEM (probably the most direct vestige of the East India Marine Society),. He noted that Salem Marine Society and East India Marine Society frequently invited the other Society to join in their festivities. His toast:

What we toast with tonight-Peabody Punch- reflects the entrepreneurial and global heritage of the Salem Marine Society.

Punch-the original word is Hindi, means 5, as punch was supposed to have 5 ingredients.

Tonight’s punch has various citrus fruits from tropical climes, tea from Asia, and I think other ingredients… so here is my toast:

To the “global”-meeting the “local”. (as he patted his stomach)


            The Clerk, Allan Vaughan (#820) toasted: Absent Friends!

The Master introduced the speaker for the evening: Dr Paul F Johnston (#879), Curator of Maritime History, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution since 1989. Prior to that he was Curator of Maritime History at the Peabody Museum of Salem. Dr Johnston gave a report on his archeological expeditions to Hawaii in search and research of Cleopatra’s Barge, America’s first oceangoing yacht, which was built in Salem in 1816 for George Crowninshield, Jr. The ship was sold to King Kamehameha II to be the Royal Hawaiian Yacht. It was wrecked in 1824. The Salem Marine Society partially funded those various expeditions.

            The Master thanked Dr. Johnston and the caterers and introduced Robert Shapiro who closed the Dinner:

“Speaking for the Maritime Visiting Committee of PEM, I’d like to thank the Salem Marine Society members, officers-and particularly Master Joanie Ingraham- for bringing the two societies together for such a festive celebration as this, the 250 anniversary dinner. Thank you all for participating.”

The Peabody Essex Museum hosted and fully underwrote the 250th Annual Dinner of the Marine Society at Salem in New England.

Honored Guests:

            Peabody Essex Museum

                        Rob Shapiro, President of the Board

                        Dan L Munroe, Director and CEO

                        Lynda Hartigan, Deputy Director and Chief Curator

                        Maritime Arts and History Visiting Committee

                                    George Lewis, Chairman


            United States Coast Guard

                        RA Steven Poulin, Commandant , 1st Coast Guard District

                        CDR Brad Kelly, Deputy Commander of Sector Boston


            Boston Marine Society (established 1747)

                        Captain Jeffrey Havlicek, Past President


            Portland Marine Society (established 1796)

                        Captain Jeff Wadman, Past President and Mrs Wadman

                        Captain John Hills, Secretary

                        Carole Albee


            Maine Maritime Academy

                        Captain Daniel Parrot (#1012)


            Massachusetts Maritime Academy

                        RA Francis X McDonald, President

                        Ian McCloud, Advancement Office

                        Cadet 1/C Daniel Colpitts

                        Cadet 3/C Jonathan Baker

                        Cadet 4/C Timothy Chambers


            Massachusetts Pilots Association

                        Captain Frank Elliot, Commisioner


            USS Constitution

                        Margherita Desy, Historian


            New England Seafarers Mission

                        Rev. Stephen and Sharon Cushing


            Essex County Community Foundation

                        Dave Edwards, Director


            Beverly Historical Society

                        Trustee Fay and Jonathan Salt


            Washington Heritage Museums

                        Rebecca Starling


            Quincy Historical Society

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                        Elizabeth Payne


            Essex National Heritage Commission

                        Annie Harris, CEO


            City of Salem

                        The Honorable Kimberly Driscoll, Mayor