Salem Marine Society
Eileen Bates and Gail Vaughan
Cousins Henry (945) and Katharine(1057) Pickering
Tim Loring (885) and Tim Ingraham (872)
Miriam Shreve(1073) ,Henry Pickering (945), Martha Shreve
Ranny Barton(753) and Master Joanie Ingraham(897)
Past Master Racket Shreve(806) and George Shwartz(1061)
Captain and Mrs. Jeff Wadman, Maine Maritime Academy
Barbara Shaughnessy(910), Judith Allen(931), Charlie Allen(809), and other Allens
Brian Phipps (957)
David(953) and William(955) Perreault
John Wigglesworth(881),Horton Beebe-Center(10360, Ruth Beebe-Center (1030)
Amy C. Trumbull and Philip W. Trumbull, Jr. (916)
Past Master Racket Shreve(806),Roz Dennis(932), Jean Dennis(981), Susan((982) and Ethan (1068) Breshnahan
Cathy and Scott Walker(1047)
Catie and Christopher(1042) Wilcock , John Fiske (987)
Fay Salt (Beverly Historical Society), Katharine Pickering(1057),Rebeccah Smith, ?
Geoffrey Ward(874, Cadet Timothy Chambers, Maria Muller
?, Miriam Shreve (1073)
John Fiske((987), Richard P Watters,II(866)
Nancy & Bruce Barker(814),Master Joanie Ingraham(897), Tim Ingraham(872), Libbie Payne(Quincy Historical Society), John Fiske(987)
Cadet Thanh Nguyen,John Pattee,Capt. William Pattee(993), Lcdr Tom Pham, Cadet Amber Vernon, Cadet Daniel Colpitts, unk?
Barbara Healey (978), Dan Ruggles
USCG RA Steven Poulin, Capt. Stefan Palmer(863)
William Tracy, RA Francis MacDonald (President, Massachusetts Maritime Academy)
Captains Jeremy Bumagin(1034)and Michael Rutstein(994), and Annie Harris ( Historic Salem)
Howard(914) and Barbara Remon
PEM Maritime Visiting Committee members George Lewis and Gene Record
Stephanie Rice,Martha Shreve, and Cecily Vaughan(912)
Members of the Allen family
Dave Edwards( Essex County Community Foundation, administrator of P.B. Seaman Fund) and members of the Allen Family
George Shwartz(1061),Dr. Paul Johnston(879), and Cambell Seamans(909)
From far and wide, the Allen family
Massachusetts Maritime Academy cadets Than Nguyen, Tom Than, Jonathan Baker, Daniel Colpitts, Timothy Chambers
Officers of The Salem Marine Society, Clerk Allan P. Vaughan(820), Deputy Master Peter W. Rice(829),Master Joanie Ingraham(897),Treasurer Albert Goodhue,III(791), Quartermaster Jonathan A. Reardon(854)
Brent Barker,Nancy and bruce Barker(814),Devereux Barker,III(803), Devereux Barker,IV(871)
Rob Shapiro,President of PEM Board, welcomes The Salem Marine Society to the PEM, successor to our younger sister , The East India Marine Society (1799)
Master Joanie Ingraham(897)
One of many Toasts with Peabody Punch
Director and CEO of PEM Dan Munroe toasts The Salem Marine Society and The East India Marine Society
PEM Curator of Maritime Art and History Dan Finamore(906) toasts "Toasts"
Clerk Allan Vaughan(820) toasts "Absent friends"
Smithsonian Institution Curator of Maritime History Dr. Paul Johnston(#879) speaks on archaeoloical discovery and excavation of "Cleopatra's Barge", first oceangoing yacht built in the United States, Salem, 1816
Dr Johnston describing picture of the wrecking of the Royal Hawaiian yacht "Ha'aheo o Hawaii" (ex Cleopatra's Barge) in Hanalei Bay, Kauai on April 5, 1824
Dr. Johnson displaying a picture of his office at The Smithsonian. Note his Salem Marine Society membership certificate proximately displayed
Christopher(1042) and Catie Wilcock, Gary Morrisette, Ray(948) and Eileen Bates, Cynthia Morrisette(1032),Eliana Batista, Richard Wilcock(1050),